Update Receiver for Web with new Receiver client

If a new Receiver version is released and you want to offer it to users via Receiver for web you can follow the below tips on replacing the old Receiver with new. (Lets face it, there are frequent updates to the Receiver client so it is possible you’ll want to do this).

If users that have no Receiver client on their machines navigate to Receiver for Web, they are pompted to install Citrix Receiver by default. The user can choose to log on and skip installing, using Receiver for HTML5. If the user chooses Install then they get a copy of the version currently present on the StoreFront server(s).

To update:

  1. Obtain your CitrixReceiver.exe file (latest version) online from Citrix
  2. On every StoreFront server part of the Server Group navigate to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Receiver Clients\Windows. (or \Mac for Mac clients)
  3. You will find the currently present CitrixReceiver.exe file in the directory. Just replace that file with your desired version and you are good to go

If users use Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.8 and above, the client can automatically update. Auto-update is turned on by default in these versions. See http://www.jgspiers.com/citrix-receiver-windows-auto-update for more information.

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