Reset NetScaler nsroot password

If you lose the nsroot account password, follow the below steps to reset the password back to the default password.

For this example, I am running a VPX on Hyper-V. The steps will not be different or much different from VPX’s running on other Hypervisors or MPX models.

Connect to the console session of the VPX appliance and reboot the box.

On your keyboard press CTRL + C when you receive the prompt to do so as shown below. You’ll receive an OK message at the end.

Type boot -s and hit enter. This boots NetScaler into single user mode.

Press enter on your keyboard when you see the Enter full pathname message.

Firstly, you need to check the consistency of the flash partition. On VPX appliances running on Hyper-V, the flash drive partition is named ad0s1a. Enter commmand /sbin/fsck_ufs /dev/ad0s1a and you should get a FILE SYSTEM IS CLEAN return message.

Note: To verify the name of your flash drive see

Now mount the flash partition using command /sbin/mount /dev/ad0s1a /flash.

To display a list of mounted partitions and confirm flash is mounted run command df.

Run command cd /flash/nsconfig to change to the nsconfig directory and run the following four commands:

grep -v “set system user nsroot” ns.conf > newns.conf -This command creates a new configuration file newns.conf that has an nsroot user with the default password.

mv ns.conf backupns.conf -This command backs up the current ns.conf file to a file called backupns.conf incase you need to restore.

mv newns.conf ns.conf – This command renames newns.conf to ns.conf so it is now in command of configuration.

reboot – This command reboots the box.

When the NetScaler appliances comes back online, you can log on to the nsroot account using the default creentials. Change the password via GUI or via CLI command set system user nsroot password.


  • anthony

    November 21, 2017

    the info very helpful, i try your info to reset nsroot password, my don’t have this file ad0s1a just dev/md0 when mount it keep said it busy, NS 11.1 vmware, please advise. thanks

    • George Spiers

      November 22, 2017

      On VMware the flash drive is named “da0s1a” and is found under “/dev/” as normal.


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