ICA Connection request denied

ICA Connection request denied because AutoLogon was not possible and EnforceAutoLogon is active.



Firstly it is likely you have Domain pass-through enabled on the Receiver for Web site you are connecting to and do not have SSO installed on Receiver or configured correctly via Group Policy. When you browse the Receiver for Web site from a domain joined PC with Domain pass-through enabled you are displayed with:

To use the account you used to sign on to the computer, click Log On.


Switch to user name and password (if this authentication method is enabled)

If you switch to user name and password then launch your resource it will probably work, however if you log on with domain pass-through Receiver will launch for roughly 5 seconds then just quit and log the above event log on the VDA.

To install Receiver with single sign-on component see http://www.jgspiers.com/command-line-install-citrix-receiver-for-windows/.

To configure single sign-on in your Citrix environment see http://www.jgspiers.com/citrix-sso-receiver-and-receiver-for-web/.

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