Customizing GUI themes Citrix NetScaler 11

New in NetScaler v11 is the ability to easily customise a theme from within the NetScaler GUI. I will show you how simple the customisation process can be for you to bring in a more targeted theme for your business.

We are all aware of the default Green Bubbles theme and X1 theme new in NS11.


Let’s have a look at first customising the X1 theme to out liking. Navigate to NetScaler Gateway -> Portal Themes -> Add.2-min

Enter a name for your new theme and under Template Theme select X1. Click OK.3-min

The following page shows some of the attributes we can modify but we aren’t interested in these ones for now as they only relate to Clientless Access.4-min

If you click on the Help Legend link you are presented with a graphical page showing you which each section is named. This is to aid you when choosing what you want to edit.5-min

Under the Common Attributes section, this is where we want to focus our time on. The settings here below are all configurable and relate to the NetScaler Gateway logon page.6-min

Clicking Help Legend again gives insight to each component.7-min

So first I want to specify a Header Logo. This file is a .JPG from my local machine and will be uploaded to NetScaler. Click OK.8-min

Now click OK if your language is English.9-min

To the right of our screen we have a number of different sections of NetScaler Gateway that we can modify such as the EPA Page, Login Page, Home Page.10-min

If we click to select the Login Page there are additional parts we can edit such as the Page Title and Form Title.


I’ve gone and edited the Page Title and Password Field2 Title. The Password Field2 Title will be named Token Key as this is my 2-factor RADIUS token system. Click OK.12-min

Now click Click to bind and view configured theme. 13-min

Select a NetScaler Gateway (pre-production) and click Preview. The theme is bound to the NetScaler Gateway and a new browser popup appears showing the newly edited theme.14-min

The new theme appears with the small adjustments I have made. Good start, now we can continue.15-min

Go back to Portal Themes and edit the CustomTheme.16-min

Lets change the Form Background Color to white which can easily be done from the canvas.17-min

Change the Background Image.18-min

Select the desired background image.19-min

Now lets change the opacity of the Form Background Color. This is performed by using the slider to your right above fgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9). The 0.9 value is the opacity value. Opacity relates to how transparent we want the color to be. The value ranges from 0.0-1.0.20-min

We can also change the Form Font Color as the Form Background Color is white so we need something a little darker to display.21-min

The same goes for the Button Color, Hover Color and Form Title Font Color. I’ve changed these to black.22-min

Now our NetScaler Gateway logon page looks a little bit better. Not the perfect picture but better.23-min

Let’s have a look at customising the GreenBubble theme. Navigate to NetScaler Gateway -> Themes -> Add -> specify a name and choose GreenBubble as the theme -> OK.24-min

Now, notice the Common Attributes is a little bit different from what we had when customising the X1 theme. New configurable items appear such as Button Hover Image and Button Image.25-min

Clicking Help Legend shows the Green Bubbles theme and each labelled section.26-min

I’ve chosen the same customisations I’ve used on the X1 theme. Make your desired customisations and click OK.27-min

Bind the theme to a NetScaler Gateway vServer (pre-production) and click Preview.28-min

The theme displays, a little different from X1 with the layout and look. Notice the Log On button is different. 29-min

I’ve only gone and stolen the X1 logon button and uploaded it to my cusotmised NetScaler Green Bubbles theme.30-min

Now the Log On button looks a bit different, little bit of improvement needed but you get the idea.31-min

And that is that. Please note your custom theme files are stored on NetScaler /var/netscaler/logon/themes/.  You will find the custom CSS files, and any uploaded images used for background etc.

Good luck!




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