Creating Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups

Creating Citrix Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups will be one of the final steps you take in delivering applications and desktops to users.

  • Machine Catalogs – Contain a number of machines that a Delivery Group will utilise to deliver applications and desktops. These machines will generally be grouped based on their purpose for ease of management but do not have to be.

As you will see from this post. I will create both a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group to publish a couple of applications to StoreFront. The steps I take here will be similar to those you would take to deploy a XenApp shared Desktop.

Machines from a Machine Catalog can only be assigned to one Delivery Group at a time.

You can create multiple Delivery Groups from one Machine Catalog. This means I can create a Machie Catalog consisting of 20 machines and create four Delivery Groups with each group containing 5 machines each. Each Delivery Group can be used to publish different applications or desktops.

Below, I’m continuing on from a fresh XenApp 7.6 install and will click firstly on Set up machines for desktops and applications or remote PC access. Doing this will open the Machine Catalog creation wizard. You can right-click on Machine Catalogs located on the left pane and achieve the same result.



Click Next on the Introduction page.2


Since we aren’t participating in VDI or Remote PC Access, select Windows Server OS and click Next.3


My machines are VMs and provisioned through PVS, so I have selected the appropriate. Click Next.4


Enter your PVS Server name, and choose the Device Collection containing the machines you want to add to the Machine Catalog. My machines also have VDA 7.6 installed, so I have specified that. Click Next.5


Give your Machine Catalog a name and an optional description. Select Finish.6


The Machine Catalog has now been created. It shows 2 machines in the collection. If you double-click the Machine Catalog you will be shown the machine members.7


Machine APPSVR01 and APPSVR02 are listed. They show as Registered against the Delivery Controller. No sessions running on either, maintenance mode is switched off and they are not currently part of any Delivery Group.8


When you navigate to Studio Overview, a tick now will display against the Machine Catalogs section. Now it is time to create a Delivery Group. Click Set up Delivery Groups to assign desktops and applications to your users. You can right-click Delivery Groups within Studio to do the same.



Click Next.10


Specify how many machines from the Machine Catalog you want to assign to this Delivery Group. Only available machines that are not already part of a Delivery Group will be available for selection. Click Next.



Select if you want these machines to deliver desktops and/or applications. I want them only to deliver applications. Click Next.12


Add users or groups you want to be able to have access to these applications. Click Next. 13


At this stage, the VDA will return a list of applications that can be published from the machines. If not displayed in this list, you can add applications manually however most installed applications i.e. Office 2013 will appear for selection. I will publish Calculator and Notepad and click Next.14


Give a name to your Delivery Group and an optional label which will be used in Receiver. Then click Finish.15


The next time you use Receiver client or Receiver for Web, your applications will show up.

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