Citrix Command Center service fails to start

Windows could not start the Citrix Command Center service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

Error occured during initialization of VM. NoClassDefFoundError. These are some of the messages being shown randomly when I noticed Command Center was offline and I tried to start the service.

Note: Command Center is now End of Life. NetScaler MAS is the replacement


The logs showed some Java errors.2-min

I then compared the Java JRE lib directory with a backup directory and noticed that there was 5 items more in the backup directory than what was in live. All .jar files.3-min

The _jrebkup/lib directory contained more files than the live folder.


The next step was to copy the missing files across to the live lib directory.6-min

After the copy had completed the Citrix Command Center service started.7-min

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