Active Directory user computer name caching in XenDesktop

In a XenDesktop environment, the Citrix Broker Service caches the hostname of Delivery Controllers, VDA machines and user account names in SQL. This ensures queries of Active Directory users and computers that are associated with the XenDesktop farm are quick and do not need to go across to Domain Controllers for such information.

Active Directory information required by XenDesktop is synchronized every 24 hours to the SQL database. The information is stored in the below tables:

  • chb_State.UpdateControllerNames()
  • chb_State.UpdateAccountNamesBySid()
  • chb_State.UpdateWorkerNames()

If a username was to change in Active Directory and that user has a XenDesktop persistent desktop assignment, you could be waiting a few hours before the site reflects the change.

Instead, you can force an update immediately of user or computer names.

  • To update the machine cache, run command – Update-BrokerNameCache -Machines
  • To update the username cache, run command – Update-BrokerNameCache -Users

This ensures that when you do rename a computer or user, that the change is reflected in the XenDesktop site with little delay.


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