Provisioning Services XenDesktop Setup Wizard

Unlike the PVS Streamed VM Setup Wizard, the XenDesktop Setup Wizard is the newer machine deployment option offered by PVS and should in most cases be your method of choice when deploying extra target VMs to your Citrix environment.

The XenDesktop Setup Wizard creates the Delivery Group and imports the created VDA’s in to Citrix for you, automating part of the process.

When would you use Streamed VM Setup Wizard instead? When deploying machines that are not going to be part of your Citrix environment. PVS doesn’t just have to stream Citrix related VM’s. It can also stream non-Citrix related VM’s.

Within your PVS Console, right-click your Site and click XenDesktop Setup Wizard.


Click Next. 2-min

Enter one of your XenDesktop Delivery Controller addresses. A connection to your Hypervisor must be created in Studio. I am using XenServer. Click Next.3-min

Select your host resources and click Next. 4-min

Select the VM Template you wish to use and specify the VDA version. Click Next.5-min

Select the standard mode vDisk you wish to assign to the new Target Devices and click Next.6-min

Specify to create or use an existing Machine Catalog and click Next.7-min

Select which operating system is installed on the vDisk and click Next.8-min

Since I selected Desktop OS I must choose if these desktops will be persisted or not. Click Next.9-min

Specify the number of machines you want to create and hardware requirements. The hardware requirements are initially pre-populated from the VM Template we specified earlier. Select a local write cache disk size and the boot method. Click Next.

Note: If the vDisk you selected has a write cache such as Cache on server, the option to create a write cache disk will not be given, as expected.10-min

Select to create new or use existing Active Directory accounts and click Next.11-min

If creating new accounts, specify the Organizational Unit where the machines will reside and a naming convention. Click Next.12-minClick Finish after reviewing the summary. 13-min

Click Done once all devices have been created.14-min

The new device appears in XenCenter.15-min

The Target Device has been created along with a Device Collection called DesktopVDA which is the name we specified when choosing our Machine Catalog name. Take note of the MAC address that has been assigned.16-min

Over on XenCenter within the VM properties you can see the MAC is exactly the same. This means the machine is ready to network boot.17-min

The Machine Catalog DesktopVDA is created.18-min

CTXDT01 has already been added to the DesktopVDA Machine Catalog. Nice! 19-min

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