StoreFront as the Default IIS Page and optimizations

The option to make StoreFront (pre SF3.5) Receiver for Web the default page/document in IIS simply does not exist within the StoreFront console like it used to back in legacy Web Interface. What I mean is that if I was to browse to my StoreFront server via https://storefront I’d get the iisstart.htm IIS 8.5 page.

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Optimising the Citrix Receiver experience

You know what a lot of people do when installing products. They install a product, configure the minimum settings to get it working, walk away once it’s working.

The same applies to products such as XenApp & XenDesktop. Most of the time we publish applications and desktops to StoreFront with little to no extra configuration.

I think although we don’t need to use them, we should atleast be aware of some of the tweaks you can make. I will describe some briefly below, beginning with Workspace Control.

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Citrix PVS Synthetic NIC streaming with Hyper-V

As of August 2015, Hyper-V machines come in the form of Generation 1 and Generation 2 (Hyper-V shipped with Windows Server 2012 R2). Generation 2 brings some advantages over Generation 1 such as standard (synthetic) NIC PXE booting capabilities, UEFI firmware support and booting from a SCSI attached VHD. These are some things a Generation 1 VM cannot do.

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Citrix ICA timeouts

If you are connecting to an App or Desktop and it takes longer than usual, or if you need to give the applicatioin or Desktop more time to launch – you may consider altering the ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS registry key on the VDA’s hosting your applications or desktops.

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Securing DDC XML Broker communication over HTTPS

For Citrix StoreFront and Delivery Controller communication, you need to specify XML service broker communication to travel over HTTPS or HTTP and specify a port such as 80 or 443. The XML service is used for application and desktop resource enumeration including handling user name and password data from StoreFront to DDCs.

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