Citrix introducing XenApp Express in Azure – Microsoft deprecating Azure RemoteApp

Welcome to a new cloud service from Citrix, the XenApp Express service that will soon be available from Microsoft Azure. At the same time, say goodbye to Azure RemoteApp as Microsoft start planning it’s deprecation within the next year.

Microsoft will continue to support existing Azure RemoteApp customers until August 31st, 2017. No no purchases of Azure RemoteApp will be available as of October 1st, 2016.

The move comes as customer feedback has sought a comprehensive, end-to-end cloud based solution to deliver Windows apps and whilst RemoteApp handles this well the best way to deliver this solution going forward will be through XenApp Express which is currently in development. XenApp Express will combine all the features XenApp customers have known well and loved (or not) throughout the years bringing simplicity, scalability, ease of management and great performance to Windows delivered applications straight from the Azure cloud.

Existing RemoteApp customers are to be contacted to make them aware so they can start a transition to XenApp Express.

How happy are current customers? It seems from some comments that customers are saddened by the news and thouroughly enjoy what RemoteApp from Azure had to offer however you don’t know what is on the horizon and with this news all still young it may be a good move. Time will always tell.

Citrix call it the “fastest, easiest way to use XenApp in the cloud”. For current customers using XenApp, this news might be well received. Citrix recently also announced the XenDesktop for Windows 10 on Azure service which brings Windows 10 Desktops in the Azure cloud, delivered by Citrix so this seems like the next step in the roadmap to unified cloud delivery of Citrix products.

To get more information on XenApp Express when it becomes available, sign up to Citrix are expecting a general release of XenApp Express in early 2017 and a Tech Preview will be available around Q4 of 2016.

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