Citrix ICA timeouts

If you are connecting to an App or Desktop and it takes longer than usual, or if you need to give the applicatioin or Desktop more time to launch – you may consider altering the ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS registry key on the VDA’s hosting your applications or desktops.

In the situation where you find the initial connection timing out and dissapearing from screen, this may be the necessary action to take.
The ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS key has a timeout value defined. This object can be found in RegEdit under HKLM -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> wfshell -> TWI. When changing this value, specify the timeout in miliseconds using decimal. If the value does not exist, create one using DWORD (32-bit).

10 seconds is the minimum value, so you can not set a time lower. If no key exists, this defaults to a timeout value of 1 minute (as of August 2015).


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