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A list containing the majority of Citrix Machine Creation Services support articles collated to make this page a one stop place for you to search for and find information regarding any issues you have with the product and its related dependencies.

The page is updated daily with new support articles and information. Articles will change from time and if information here is outdated or incorrect please let me know using the comments. Links may also expire or change so if you find broken links, please again let me know. For each issue, known product versions affected are recorded however that does not mean product versions that aren’t listed are not affected.

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Machine Creation Services:

wdt_ID Brief Description of Issue Brief Description of Fix Applicable Product Versions Affected (if known) Link to supplemental Support Article(s)
1 Machines provisioned by MCS are prompting for a restart on every boot. The machines had been configured with a VMware Paravirtualization SCSI controller type. Changing the SCSI Controller on the Master MCS Image to LSI Logic SAS fixes the issue. XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.
2 VDA machines may show as "Stuck on Boot" within Citrix Studio and appear under the "Registration Missing" tab in the Delivery Group's details tab even though they are registered and serving users. This issue affects VDAs hosted on Nutanix Acropolis and has been fixed in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.1. XenApp and XenDesktop 7.9 to 7.13.
3 After updating an MCS Machine Catalog, new applications and/or updates are unavailable to the VDAs after they have been rebooted. The power state of each VDA also appears as "Unknown". Run a "Get-BrokerHypervisorConnection" and look for the Delivery Controller which reports "State: Unavailable". For the affected Delivery Controller, restart the Citrix Broker Service.
4 When creating a Machine Catalog you receive error "XDDS:4A5116C7". Free up resources on the vSphere datastore associated with your hosting connection. If that does not work, remove the resource from Studio and add it back. Citrix XenDesktop 7.6.
5 Machines do not register and policies do not apply after DST changes are implemented. This happens when the Kerberos handshake fails due to Group Policy client loading before the Windows Time service. Log on to the master MCS virtual machine, run "w32tm /resync /nowait" and then update the Machine Catalog.
6 Machine creation via MCS failed with error "Error ID: XDDS:0DAA3833: An error occured while preparing an image". As a result of Microsoft Security Bulletin "MS16-065" changes have been made to .NET Framework which cause incompatibilities with some applications that are based on .NET. As a workaround, refer to the Microsoft documentation as linked in the CTX article.
7 Virtual Machines created on XenServer by MCS in XenDesktop 7.12 report missing XenTools, XenDrivers and the network adapter on the VMs shows as a "Realtek" adapter instead of the Xen adapter. Upgrade to XenDesktop 7.14. If that is not possible, contact Citrix Support for a private fix. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12.
8 When using MCS I/O Optimisation for a catalog containing 32-bit VMs with a RAM cache greater than 256MB can cause the Operating System to stop. To prevent this, configure less RAM cache. This is also resolved in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.
9 Machines created via MCS and configured with a RAM Cache and HDD overflow disk will not boot and the machines freeze at the Windows logo. Change the "TargetCacheSize" DWORD value from "32" to "256" under "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CtxMcsWbc" on your master image and update the Machine Catalog. Citrix XenDesktop 7.12.
10 When selecting a Master Image during Machine Catalog creation you receive error "You must select a disk image with at least one network card", This can happen if you have a VM imported from a previous version of XenServer into a higher version. Create a diskless VM but do not start it. Detach the disk associated to the problematic VM and attach it to the newly created diskless VM. Create a Machine Catalog using this VM as the template.

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