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Unidesk/Citrix App Layering

Create and update OS Layer – Citrix App Layering

This post describes the actions taken to create an OS Layer in Citrix App Layering 4.x running on Hyper-V with Citrix PVS. You are also shown how to add new versions to the OS Layer for the purpose of patching, upgrading and making changes to the OS Layer image. Here you will see how the Platform Layer and Image Template plays a key part in packaging and deploying complete system images.

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Citrix App Layering

It has been a short time since I wrote the Unidesk 3.x blog posts and a lot has changed with Unidesk in version 4. Firstly, the company itself has been bought by Citrix, which was announced at Summit in January 2017. The product is now called Citrix App Layering. At a software level, the main infrastructure components in App Layering 4.x have been simplified from 2.x and 3.x by merging them all in to one component. The deployment model has also been made easier, making App Layering the layer composer and Provisioning Services or Machine Creation Services deployer to the masses.

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Unidesk Maintenance Schedules 3.x

Unidesk applies Maintenance Schedules to Desktops and Session Hosts that dictate when a desktop can be taken offline and edited to complete tasks such as new application layer assignment or removal, or configuration changes that results in a new boot image being built for the machine. Using Maintenance Schedules ensure machines are only worked on outside of business hours and whilst they are not in use. Keep Reading

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