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PVS Reverse Image with VMware vCenter Converter

This post shows you how to perform reverse imaging of a vDisk to update either the PVS Target Device software, VMware Tools or something else that may break your PVS stream! We will be using a mixture of VMware vCenter Converter and Windows 2012 R2 to mount the VHD. This post will also (not something I was expecting it to) go over diagnosing the VHD (vDisk) if it becomes corrupt or the PVS image has a System Reserved partition. Keep Reading

Citrix AppDisk

Citrix AppDisk is a new layering technology released in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8 (all versions) that lets you layer additional applications on top of a Desktop or Server OS host (or both concurrently) instead of traditionally installing those applications directly within the gold MCS or PVS image. AppDisks will be replaced by Unidesk layering technology. Unidesk was aquired by Citrix in January 2017.

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Citrix PVS Boot Device Manager

Using Citrix NetScaler you can load balance TFTP requests to deliver the bootstrap file to PVS Target VMs. You can provide PVS boot information from an ISO generated by Boot Device Manager. You can also use PXE built right in to PVS or use DHCP via options 66/67.

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