NetScaler backup and restore

There are multiple ways to perform backups and restores on NetScaler. Usually you perform those backups for disaster recovery if the NetScaler corrupts, or you are performing an upgrade to NetScaler. You can manually backup and restore NetScaler configurations using the GUI, CLI, or you can use Citrix Command Center and NetScaler MAS to perform automatic backups and manual restores.

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NetScaler set CLI prompt

Setting the CLI prompt on NetScaler can be used to provide warning messages to users such as Authorised users only or you could set a message of Use of this account to perform configurations is prohibited, please log off if for example you did not want anyone using the default nsroot account to make changes via CLI.

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Creating Citrix Unified Gateway

NetScaler Unified Gateway can help in the common situation where a user has to remember too many different URLs to access different web, SaaS, enterprise applications, file shares and so on. The Unified Gateway provides a user with a single URL to access all these different systems wether they are on-premise or within the cloud. Authentication is simplified also as rather than authenticating to different URLs, now you authenticate to one and Unified Gateway performs SSO to any backend application.

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Digging in to the Citrix logon process

When you are troubleshooting slow Citrix logons, no doubt that it helps to know a bit about the background events that take place to achieve a successful logon. Unfortunately it isn’t quite as simple as handing your logon credentials to StoreFront and being granted access to your apps and desktops. Keep Reading

Citrix Application Prelaunch

Application Prelaunch is a feature that was available in XenApp 6.5, gone in FMA v7+ and now back again in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6. The goal of prelaunch is to “pre-prepare” a session in the background for a user when they launch Citrix Receiver for Windows so that when they do eventually click to launch the resource the prelaunch session is replaced with a regular session and startup time is much faster.

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SmartControl and SmartAccess

Both SmartAccess and SmartControl are similar in practice. One is implemented at the Delivery Controller level with the use of Citrix policies (SmartAccess) and the other is implemented at the NetScaler Gateway level (SmartControl). SmartControl was introduced in NetScaler v11.

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