Citrix 7.x Policy discrepancy error

Remember the old IMA versions of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop where you had to create separate policies for computer settings and user settings? In FMA Citrix 7.x XenApp & XenDesktop platforms, Citrix made it simpler merging both computer and user policies in to one. When creating policies you no longer need to worry about what is a user setting vs. computer. However this merging is merely at the GUI level. At the data level the policies are still split in to two for reasons such as backwards compatability. Keep Reading

Installing and Configuring Unidesk 3.4 on Hyper-V

Unidesk is a leader in layering technologies. Using Unidesk you can layer applications right on top of a gold OS image layer. This seriously simplifies application and desktop management within Citrix environments such as solving the extra overhead often seen with managing multiple gold images/silos for different applications or departments.

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Machine Creation Services Storage Optimisation

Citrix Machine Creation Services as of XenApp/XenDesktop 7.9 now provides the ability to write to memory with overflow to disk just like what is available with PVS using RAM w/ overflow to HDD. This greatly decreases write I/O so you don’t have to rely as much on the underlying storage or worry about hitting a bottleneck as you scale the desktop environment. Keep Reading

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager

Workspace Environment Manager 4.0 (previously Norskale as many people may be familiar with) is the most recent aquisition by Citrix that will fill the gap when it comes to Citrix offereing a UEM solution. WEM although not officially baked in to the XenApp & XenDesktop product yet is available for all Enterprise and Platinum XA/XD customers with active Software Maintenance and is available for download today. Keep Reading

Add Citrix applications to Start Menu and Desktop

Adding Citrix resources to the Start Menu and Desktop has been possible for quite some time now with the use of Citrix Receiver. The most recent version 4.5 of Receiver for Windows allows users to select the Start Menu and Desktop location themselves. You can also configure the location via GPO and command line install which I will show.

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Skype for Business with XenApp & XenDesktop

The HDX RealTime Optimization pack offers clear, crisp high-definition audio/video calls with Microsoft Skype for Business. The only true way to deliver Microsoft Skype for Business on VDI might have been something you have heard before as it was quoted by Brad Anderson of Microsoft at Citrix Summit. Keep Reading

Citrix Session Lingering

Session Lingering has been re-introduced to the Citrix 7.6 FMA version of XenApp and XenDesktop. Session Lingering is used to keep a session “active” for a period of time after a user has closed an application in the event that if they do decide to reconnect back within the allocated time the existing session will just be used. This ensures fast launch of an application.

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Citrix Self-Service Password Reset

StoreFront self-service password reset was first introduced with XenApp/XenDesktop FMA version 7.8. This feature grants users the ability to reset their own Active Directory passwords from the Receiver for Web site and unlock their account.

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